How does interpersonal and corporate communication in your organisation influence and motivate your teams for success ? Enhanced communication skills, encompassing verbal, non-verbal and technological aspects, are vital for leaders within the dynamic realm of modern workplaces.



We spend approximately 75% of our time engaging in human interaction. It’s no surprise that poor communication lies at the root of many organisational issues and costs. Over-reliance on and misuse of emails, texts, and social media can further erode interpersonal contact, leading to a negative and demotivated corporate culture. Effective communication is essential for organisational success.

The term “communication” derives from the Latin word for “making something common.” It involves eliminating ambiguity and fostering a shared understanding of context. However, how we transmit information—verbally, non-verbally, and electronically—often depends on our attitudes and behaviors, as well as our emotional states during interactions.

The Humanology Business leads the way in offering bespoke in person or online training on interpersonal and non-verbal skills through our group and one-on-one “Excel in Communication” programs. It teaches how to recognise and change negative behaviours, significantly improving staff communication.

Empowering staff members to understand their impact on themselves and others during communication can greatly enhance corporate culture. The way we transmit information can either foster a positive or negative working culture. Learning to cultivate a positive mindset greatly enhances communication and your corporate culture.

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